Open Letter to Samantha Powers

Dear Ms. Powers

You are nearly as wrong-headed as Senator Kirk, if that’s possible and it’s not but there you have it. You call your foreign policy strategy “humanitarian intervention” and “muscular intervention,” because you are so mendacious and cowardly; not to speak of dishonest. For the only degree of difference between such an abhorrent arrogance, and the “containing of communism,” but not of the far more sinister capitalism, and the so-called war on terror, is the name. Now I’m the one not being honest for the fact is there is a further degree of difference. Humanitarian intervention is much more violent and rapacious. Let’s call humanitarian intervention what is, shall we? A mere continuation of the savagery exhibited by this country from the day it started stealing Native land. I’ve heard it often said that President Obama deserves a break because of the Augustean Stable he inherited from Bush the Stupider. But I have to ask You Ms. Powers, if that’s the standard of value, sure Bushie stole the election, can you blame him, who wouldn’t, but why shouldn’t he be afforded the same pass as Obama? He had his own Augustean Stables to cleanse the filth of, didn’t he?

I ike to jabber to myself, just when you thought it couldn’t get worse than Clinton, Bill, the Slick One, comes along. It couldn’t possibly get worse than the Intellectual Midget, could. But wait. It can. And not only that, but a prime case of black exceptionalism to remind blacks of their rightful place: in the gutter, filthy, hungry, homeless and friendless. The unpeople we ought to call them. I’ll bet even they’re tired of the black label. And just when you thought there was no conceivable way it could get worse, worser, as we say in the ghetto, it couldn’t conceivably be worse than the chimpanzee, along comes Obama. You must be terribly narcississtic about your boy, no?

Obama, his legacy: you know as well as me, no, Ms. Powers? An alum of George W. Bush, and not even an embarrassment. No, why should it? Why shouldn’t Georgie, despite the fact he stole the election, and Gore rolled over like a dead dog, be a narcissist? Who else would be? I think you get the gist. Let me, as I did Senator Kirk this afternoon, instruct You as to how best to serve your constituents: No war on Syria or Iraq! No more US wars period. We, the American people, have had it up to here with war. Bring all US troops home, now! Shutter every last one of the foreign US military bases, and bring those resources home to feed the hungry here, and to house the homeless.


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